How can Illegal Immigrants obtain Legal Status in the United States?

The Obama administration has recently began putting pressure on employers who employ illegal immigrants. This has been an ongoing issue in the United States where illegal immigrants are employed for lower wages than would have been paid to a legal resident or citizen. This many claim has led to lowering in prices of many products hence helping to stabilize the cost of some items especially food. These are jobs it is claimed American citizens do not wish to do such as jobs in the agriculture industry.

Most people view illegal immigrants as infringing on the many social benefits of United States citizens. They are seen as infiltrating the welfare system and affording themselves of benefits that belong to citizens, they also will take employment for lower wages thereby depressing the wages of low income earners and minority groups.

Studies have shown that even though some illegal immigrants pay their taxes, they utilize more of the public and social services than the tax they contribute which in the long term cause a drain on the system.

To-date there is no accurate data on the percentage of illegal immigrants living in the United States, however it is safe to say that the numbers increase daily as people from all around the globe try to find the American dream.

To become a citizen or legal immigrant of the United States requires dedication, patience and money as the entire process can be a lengthy one and it will require output of capital. However, it is possible to obtain legal status in the United States. U.S. immigration law provides immigration relief for certain categories of immigrants who are illegally in the United States. This includes: immigrants who have close relatives in the United States, such as a spouse, parent, etc. (click here to learn more about the family immigration process for relatives who have violated the U.S. immigration laws); immigrants who are victims of domestic violence (click here to learn how to apply for a Green Card based on incidents of domestic violence) and victims of certain criminal activities. These categories of immigrants can obtain legal status in the United States and become U.S. lawful permanent residents.

By U.S. Immigration Services

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